Project Outcome


The Cows have been Toddy’s ambassadors for more than 10 years. They have the personality of a 16 year old teenager and a unique way of having fun: cowzation.

Well, let’s turn Toddy’s fun page into a TV channel. I mean, an entertainment channel.  Let’s do some BrandCOWtent.


The idea was to interact differently with consumers, and communicating that TODDY® brand is now multi-category with chocolate powder, cookies and beverage ready to drink. We came to this innovative format in which from a synopsis, the protagonists make content curation, ie, have the freedom to improvise speeches and jokes, as they do in their blogs and channels.

Cow.zar, verb
1. (teen language / slang) synonyms: To troll, to mock, to josh, to gag

RoleCreative Director, Loducca, Brazil


Guga Ketzer, Sergio Mugnani, Cassio Moron, Fábio Savoy, Raphael Franzini, Marcelo Rosa, Rico Lins, Fernando Sau, Stefano Lucas Oliveira, Fernão Cosi, Candida Semensato, Paula Ventura, Marcela Parolini, Natalie Lima, Daniel Chalfon, Adriana Favaro Silvia Ramazzotti, Gustavo Soares, Tatiana Murakam, Amelia Gama de Oliveira, Ken Fujioka, Felipe and Rodrigo Senise Neia, Ana Luisa André, Cláudia de Souza Stancev, Indaiara Pelizario, Rapha Vasconcellos, Rafa Prellwitz, Cris Dias, Janaína Gabriel, Benê, Mauricio Cid, Daniel Furlan, Juliano Enrico, Joao Mota, PC Siqueira and Otávio ​​Albuquerque, Diego Pistone, Daniel Assef, Renata Figueiredo, Marta Oliveira, Nicolle Ribeiro, Roberto Pasqualoni, Gustavo Miranda, Fernando Paiva.


The name TODDY® comes from a Scottish drink much appreciated in winter, made ​​based on honey, cream, egg yolk and whiskey. In English, it means “warm and sweet drink.” The product was baptized with this name in reference to the original idea of taking it hot, like a comforting drink. But over the years, has become consumed in various ways, especially ice cream.