Project Outcome


What do people look for when they take a Test Drive? Technology? Speed? Design? We gave them convenience. Renault and McDonald’s got together to create a unique experience.


We turned a common test drive into a unique experience. Drivers could chose an entire meal directly from the dashboard. Via 4G network, the orders were sent to the nearest restaurant. The car’s built-in GPS set the route to the drive-thru.

A full McDonald’s menu embedded on Renault’s onboard computer.

RoleExecutive Creative Director, DPZ&T, Publicis Groupe

We turned a
common test drive
into a unique

Test Drivers choose their meals on the car’s onboard computer.

Via 4G network, the order is sent to the nearest McDonald’s.

The system calculates the remaining time until the client’s arrival.

The car’s built-in GPS sets the route to the nearest restaurant.

Meals are ready right on time.


Eduardo Simon, Rafael Urenha, Sergio Mugnaini, Carlos Schleder, Daniel Motta,Raphael Lucone, Giampietro Zanon, Thomaz Dantas, Vinicius Curi, Bruno Landi, André Leigo, Daniel Jotta, Eduardo Brunoro, Mariana Magalhães, Martin Barrios, Dan Gertsacov, Elizabeth Porth, Guilherme Coe, Roberto Gnypek, João Branco, Eloísa Zerneri, Fernando Diniz, Paulo Ilha, Rodrigo Tamer, Patricia Capuchinho, Marcos Yamamura, Otávio Almeida, Ducha Lopes, Karen Nakamura, Bossa Nova Films, Chico e Mosca


Silver, Smarties Global, USA, The Internet of Things | Product in Prototype / Incubator Stage category. Bronze, Smarties Global, USA, Innovation category.

Ux/UI |
The Tasty Drive Design Experience