Project Outcome


McDonald’s stores are dream houses. The brand’s fans have always wondered what it’d be like to live inside of a McDonald’s store. Having McBreakfast, McLunch and McDinner, laying on a McBed, taking a McShower, living the McWay of life.


In 2019, McDonald’s opened its 1,000th restaurant in Brazil. A concept store, full of experiences. People liked it so much that they kept asking to spend the night there. So, we created an exclusive, totally customized motor home and we partnered with Airbnb: through the platform, candidates could book McHome for a weekend. With all meals included, of course.

There’s no place like home. Except McDonald’s restaurants.

RoleExecutive Creative Director, DPZ&T, Publicis Groupe


Eduardo Simon, Rafael Urenha, Sergio Mugnaini, Tiago Zanatta, Raphael Quatrocci, André Leigo, Mariana Magalhães, Carolina Rangel, Rodrigo Moraes, João Branco, Marcelo Ferronato, Lariane Duarte Domingues, Bruna Rocha, Ligia Rissato dos Santos, Fernando Diniz, Jade Romano, Felipe Rodriguez, Paulo Ilha, Kaline Lessio, Mariana Gomes, Patricia Capuchinho, Otávio Almeida, Marcos Yamamura, Marcos Moura, Ducha Lopes, Camila Carrieri, Guilherme Silva, Paulinho Corcione, Thais Urenha, Lucha Libre Audio

3D Conceptual McHome Trailer ArtWork

Business Results

The McHome publications amassed 25 thousand organic interactions, with a relevant number of spontaneous mentions. 12 thousand users demonstrated interest in spending some time in the McHome. In the comments, the feedback was quite positive (97% of polatiry) and it was the main theme in te comments, among invitations among friends to participate in the action.