Project Outcome


Greenpeace Weather is a strategy multiplayer game on which players become activists to fight against the climate changes.

Their mission is to join other activists to solve environmental crises that affect the planet using cooperation and coordination. Developed also as a real game, made on recycled paper and recycled wood, soon it will be distributed in schools around Brazil.


This project was inspired in board games, but unlike the game WAR players don’t fight to conquer the world on their own; using cooperation strategies they fight together to save the planet from climate change.

The game is multiplayer. As soon as someone enters one of the games rooms the player becomes a Greenpeace activist. Their mission is to join up with the other players in a search for solutions to solve the environmental crises that are affecting our planet.

Using cooperation strategies they will fight together to save the planet from climate change.

RoleArt Director / Digital Creative Director, AlmapBBDO


Marcello Serpa, Sergio Mugnaini, Gustavo Sonoda, Caio Sartori, Rafael Kfouri, Luciana Haguiara, Fabrizio Barata,Fabio Benedetto, Eduardo Camargo, Kazi, Andre Passamani, Patricia Gerard, Muriel Meira, Alessandra Sevzatian, Vânia São José, Juliano Tosetto, Fabiano Onça, Maurício Gibrin, Dante Calligaris, Vinicius Vidal, Arhur Lima, Eduardo Silva, Cauê Passero, Edgar Akiyama, Flavio Ensiki, Robson Victor, Rafael Araújo, Gabba, Cromosônica, Clélia Maury, Gladis Éboli Mariana Schwarz, Joanna Guinle, Daniela Soares


Gran Prix, FIAP, Argentina, Cyber Category. Bronze, Cannes Lion, France, Cyber Category. Gold, New York Festivals, USA, Cyber Category. Silver, New York Festivals, USA, Cyber Category. Gold, El Sol, Spain, Cyber Category. In Book, D&AD, England, Digital Category. Bronze,  One Show Interactive, USA, Digital Category. Bronze,  One Show Interactive, USA, Gaming Category. Silver, Wave Festival, Brazil, Cyber Category. Gold, London Festival, England, Digital Category. Silver, El Ojo IberoAmerica, Argentina, Digital Category. FWA – Site of the day

All players have to fight against climate change and reverse crisis situations. To do so they can use action points, cards that they buy and discard, the recruitment of new activists, air transport and other maneuvers. They agree how they’re going to play in a chat room. Emerging problems can arise in territories and if they’re not resolved in the same round they gain in dimension and become chronic.

Those taking part are fighting against the game itself. Winning means that the players knew how to create strategies, talk among themselves and together find solutions for overcoming the crises. Losing means that the planet has been devastated by climate change.