Project Outcome


McDonald’s and Disney got back together worldwide. To announce this partnership, we decided to do a special delivery of the new Star Wars Happy Meal where all the huge fans are: Comi-Com Experience, CCXP, in Brazil.


We need an escort and instead of hiring we decided to invite the most fanatic fans of all: Cosplayers. The stunt took place in the Star Wars Premiere with all the main movie actors presents.

Only the safest delivery in the galaxy can protect the Star Wars Happy Meal at Comic-Con.

RoleArt Director & Executive Creative Director, DPZ&T, Publicis Groupe


Eduardo Simon, Rafael Urenha, Sergio Mugnaini, Raphael Lucone, Thomaz Dantas, Giampietro Zanon, Bruno Landi, Vinicius Curi, Pablo Acosta, Mariana Magalhães, Eduardo Brunoro, Hernan Cuñado, Rafaela Neves, Lucia Corrêa, Denise Farinola, Ducha Lopes, Dan Gertsacov, Santiago Blanco, Elizabeth Porth, Guilherme Coe, Diana Pelaez, Ana María Montoya, Carolina Martinez, João Branco, Marcelo Ferronato, Bruna Rocha, Diego Robino, Federico Polleri, Paulinho Corcione, Thais Urenha, Patricia Capuchinho, Otávio Almeida

Business Results

With 74 million impacts during the period of the campaign, we reached 50 thousand interactions on our publications that divulged the action. The feedback was quite positive, with 96% of the comments having this content.

We also counted on influencers in terms of brand activation during the event, which accumulated 890 thousand impacts, 400 thousand views and 122 thousand engagements. McDonald’s presence in the event generated buzz on social networks and gains in earned media.