Project Outcome


Bitcoin, first released as open-source software in 2009, is generally considered the first decentralised cryptocurrency.And ended up drawing the attention of a very special audience: young people.


A new platform to engage and reward our customers. You mine for it, you keep track of the market and you trade it. Only when you do, it’s for something delicious. Each transaction generates an alphanumeric code. Once you enter it in our platform, the credit goes to your wallet.


RoleExecutive Creative Director, DPZ&T, Publicis Groupe


Eduardo Simon, Rafael Urenha, Sergio Mugnaini, Carlos Schleder, Daniel Motta, Rodrigo Vezzá, Luciano Fonseca, Daniel Mattos, Alex Hutman, Daniel Jotta, Eduardo Brunoro, Martin Barrios, Mariana Magalhães, Dan Gertsacov, Elizabeth Porth, Guilherme Coe, Roberto Gnypek, Elvia Torres, Isabela Mondaini, Fernando Diniz, Amanda Agostini, Chris Toledo, Paulo Ilha, Rodrigo Tamer, Patricia Capuchinho, Marcos Yamamura, Ducha Lopes, Karen Nakamura


Gold, Smarties Global, USA, Promotion Category. Silver, Smarties Global, USA, Mobile Payments / Commerce Category. Silver, Smarties Global, USA, Relationship Building CRM Category. Silver, Smarties Global, USA, Promotion Category. Shortlist, CCSP, São Paulo, Brazil, Mobile Category. Shortlist Cannes Lion, France, Creative e-Commerce Lions

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