Cannes Lions

Gold Design Lion, “A Loja Vazia” Temporary Retail
Gold Promo&Activation, “We are all Monkeys”
Gold Mobile Lion, “SAT-JF14
Gold Design Lion, “Havaianas Brand Identity”
Gold Cyber Lion, “FingerPrints”, Renault
Silver Media Lion, “Drive-Truck”
Silver Cyber Lion, We are all Monkeys”
Silver PR Lion, “We are all Monkeys”
Silver PR Lion, “SAT-JF14
Silver Cyber Lion, “Dinosaur”,Rich Media
Silver Cyber Lion, Road”, Rich Media
Silver Cyber Lion, Testimonial”, Rich Media
Bronze Cyber Lion, “A Loja Vazia”
Bronze Media Lion, “A Loja Vazia” Best Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale
Bronze Promo&Activation Lion, “A Loja Vazia”, Charities
Bronze Mobile Lion, “We are all Monkeys”
Bronze Promo&Activation Lion, “SAT-JF14”
Bronze Cyber Lion, “Fox Inside Out”
Bronze Design Lion, “Fox Inside Out”
Bronze Cyber Lion, “Weather”, Gaming
Bronze Cyber Lion, “Pocketbooks”, Digital campaign
Bronze Cyber Lion, “Step by Step”, Digital campaign

One Show & ADC Awards

Gold Pencil, “Peg Solitaire Game”, Greenpeace
Gold Cube, “Free the code”, IBM
Bronze Pencil, “Weather”, Brand Gaming
Bronze Pencil, “Weather”, Websites
Bronze Pencil, “Fox Inside Out”, Digital
Bronze Pencil, “A Loja Vazia”, Experiential / Installations
Bronze Pencil, “SAT-JF14”, Use of Technology


Silver, “Fox Inside Out”, Digital
Bronze, “SAT-JF14”, Branded Content
Bronze, “We are all Monkeys”, Digital
Shortlist, “Drive-Truck”, Guerilla
Shortlist, “Drive-Truck”, Media Innovation


Bronze, “Weather”, Brand Gaming
Bronze, “Airband, Pepsi”, Website
Bronze, “Havaianas Slim”, Rich Media
Bronze, “Cientist, Greenpeace”, Webiste

Effie Awards

Silver, “Frieslist”, Brand Experience
Silver, “TrayQuest”, Promotions
Silver, “A Loja Vazia”, Non profit campaign
Bronze, “Drive-Truck”, Promotions

London International Awards

Gold, “Weather”, Brand Gaming
Gold, “Clock”, Interactive Tools
Gold, “”, Websites
Silver, “SAT-JF14”, Digital Apps
Silver, “SAT-JF14”, Digital Media Promotion


Gold, “Audi Robots”, Integrated Campaign
Silver, “FriesList”, Use of technology
Silver, “Fox Inside Out”, Digital
Silver, “Golf, Driving pleasure”, Website
Silver, ARTE V.I.A Gol”, Website
Silver, “Truth about Gol”, Digital Campaign
Bronze, “FriesList”, Mobile
Bronze, “Beetle campaign”, Website
Bronze, “Truco, Pepsi game”, Brand Gaming
Bronze, “Matrioskas”, Digital campaign
Bronze, “Airband, Pepsi”, Website
Bronze, “Mirror, Pepsi”, Website
Bronze, “Peg Solitaire game”, Brand gaming


Site of the day, “Weather”

El Ojo IberoAmerica

Gold, “Frieslist”, Innovation in media
Gold, “Fox Inside Out”, Digital
Gold, “Airband, Pepsi”, Website
Gold, “Emoji Generation Pepsi”, Innovation
Gold, “Arte V.I.A Gol”, website
Gold, “Golf, Driving pleasure”, Website
Gold, “Roberto Carlos”, Rich media campaign
Silver, “FriesList”, Innovation platform
Silver, “Weather”, Brand Gaming
Silver, “Truths about Gol”, Digital Campaign
Silver, “Audi Robots”, Integrated Campaign
Bronze, “FriesList”, Media
Bronze, “FriesList”, Online Ad
Bronze, “FriesList”, Integrated media campaign
Bronze, “AirGuitar”, Mobile
Bronze, “Golf, Driving pleasure”, Website
Bronze, “Peg Solitaire Game”, Brand Gaming

Wave Festival

Gold, “Golf, Driving pleasure”, Website
Gold, We are all Monkeys”, Green award
Gold, We are all Monkeys”, PR
Silver, We are all Monkeys”, Direct
Silver, “SAT-JF14”, Direct
Silver, “SAT-JF14”, Mobile
Silver, “Fox Inside Out”, Cyber
Silver, “Matrioskas”, Rich Media
Silver, “Arte V.I.A. Gold”, Websites
Silver, “Weather”, Gaming
Bronze, “SAT-JF14”, Mobile
Bronze, “It’s more fun from above”, Website
Bronze, “Truths about gol”, Digital Campaign
Bronze, “Air-Band”, Websites


Gran Prix, “Weather”, Gaming
Gold, “Fox Inside Out”, Cyber
Gold, “Finger run, Gatorade”, Brand Gaming
Gold, “Scientist”, Website
Gold, “Amazon, Greenpeace film”, viral film
Silver, “Driving pleasure”, Websites
Silver, “Clock, Greenpeace”, Interactive Tools
Silver, “Touareg Rally”, Brand Gaming
Bronze, “It’s more fun from above”, Website
Bronze, “Air Mobile”, Mobile
Bronze, “Air-Band”, Websites